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Help us end D*ke-on -D*ke domestic violence and abuse

Information, Statistics & Context

The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Almost 44% of lesbian couples experience some form of violence, compared to just 35% of straight women and 26% of gay couples. 100% of straight men are of no help in preventing the violence because they find it too arousing.

Dr. Deborah "Butch" Matthews, Lesbian Rights Activist & Gender Studies Professor  

Fact: Lesbian Victims Seldom Report Violence To The Police

A study from the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs (NCAVP) suggests that lesbian victims fear prejudicial treatment from the authorities due to their preference for tacos over wieners.

Did you know...

According to research from the University of Missouri at St. Louis, the "butch" (physically stronger, more masculine or wage-earning) member of the couple may be as likely to be the victim as the batterer. The key word here is may.
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